A member of the ebony family, the persimmon is a graceful, slender and smallish shade tree with dark, distinctive furrowed bark and leaves that turn red to purple-red in fall. Female trees have greenish-white flowers that bloom in the spring and develop an edible fruit prized by wildlife. The tree has very strong wood used for golf club heads and billiard cues.

Size and Light Requirements

Persimmons prefer full sun but will persist in partial shade. Somewhat slow growing, it can grow to 30 feet tall in approximately 40 years.

Plant This Tree

This tree is available through our residential planting program, RiverSmart Homes. You can also get up to $100 back for planting this tree yourself through our tree rebate program.

Photo Credits

Franz Xaver, Fritzflohrreynolds, Suzanne Cadwell, Katja Schulz

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