Megan Fisk with her students.

April 1, 2024 /
Christina Hester

Meet the Honorees: Megan Fisk

As anticipation builds for the annual Canopy Awards, we continue to explore and learn about our esteemed honorees. Today we’ll be getting to know Megan Fisk, a beacon of environmental education at Marie Reed Elementary School. For over seven years, Ms. Fisk has been at the forefront of teaching the next generation about the importance of nature and green spaces in their urban landscape.

At Marie Reed Elementary, Ms. Fisk wears many hats, primarily serving as a Science Teacher for students ranging from PreK to 5th grade. Her approach to education goes beyond textbooks and lectures; she employs hands-on and exploratory methods to engage her students in a variety of scientific concepts and practices. From biology to computer programming, Ms. Fisk’s classroom is a dynamic environment where students are encouraged to question, explore, and discover.

Marie Reed Megan Fisk StudentsHowever, her impact extends far beyond the walls of the classroom. For over seven years, Ms. Fisk has collaborated with Casey Trees and the Nature Near Schools program, a partnership aimed at teaching young minds the value of trees and green space. Through this initiative, she has orchestrated enriching outdoor experiences, giving her students the opportunity to connect with nature firsthand.

Marie Reed Megan Fisk StudentsMs. Fisk’s dedication to environmental education aligns perfectly with the mission of the Nature Near Schools program, which seeks to ensure that Washington, DC’s lush tree-filled legacy continues for generations to come. By instilling a deep appreciation for nature in her students, she is cultivating future environmental stewards who will play a vital role in preserving our planet.

As Ms. Fisk prepares to be honored at the Canopy Awards for her role in environmental education, we celebrate not only her achievements but also the lasting impact she has made on the lives of countless students. Her advocacy for the preservation of our urban canopy serves as an inspiration to us all, reminding us of the profound importance of environmental education in shaping a sustainable future.