February 12, 2024 /
Christina Hester

Phenology February: Round 2

Welcome back to Phenology February, where every leaf, bud, and bloom tells a unique story and our arboreal extravaganza is gaining momentum! As we delve into the leafy depths of Round 2, it’s time to remind everyone of the enchanting journey we’ve embarked upon and the spectacular matchups that have left us on the edge of our tree-loving seats.

For those just joining us on this arboreal adventure, Phenology February is Casey Trees’ inaugural competition of trees. Inspired by the excitement of March Madness and other iconic battles, this month-long event invites tree enthusiasts to embrace the magic of nature. From the delicate cherry blossoms to the sturdy oaks, every tree has a chance to shine in the spotlight.

One of the most riveting matchups in Round 1 was the showdown between Blackgum and the American Linden. In a closely contested battle, Blackgum emerged victorious by a mere 10 votes, showcasing the passionate fanbase and the tough choices that participants had to make. The Blackgum’s distinctive foliage and impressive fall color palette proved to be a winning combination in this thrilling matchup.

Equally intense was the clash between Sweetgum and Northern Catalpa. The suspense was palpable as the votes were counted, with Northern Catalpa narrowly securing victory by just three votes. This matchup highlighted the diversity of preferences within the community, showcasing the unique appeal of each tree species.

In a twist of arboreal fate, certain matchups in Round 1 breezed through with effortless victories, capturing the hearts of voters with almost unanimous decisions. A prime example was the showdown between the London Plane Tree and its cousin, the American Sycamore. Despite their familial ties, the American Sycamore dominated the field with an astounding 86% of votes. Clearly, the affection for our Sycamores runs deep among the tree-loving community!

Another resounding victory unfolded in the clash between the Nuttall Oak and Swamp White Oak. The voters were unequivocal in their choice, propelling the Swamp White Oak to triumph with an impressive tally of 82% of all votes. Its competitor, the Nuttall Oak, struggled to keep pace. The resolute support for Swamp White Oak underscored its popularity and resilience in the eyes of the voting enthusiasts.

To see all of the results of Round 1, see the full, downloadable bracket below.


With Round 2 now underway, it’s time for participants to cast their votes and influence the fate of their favorite trees once again. The stakes are higher, the matchups are fiercer, and anticipation is building as we inch closer to crowning the ultimate arboreal champion of Phenology February.

Vote now for Round 2, and stay tuned as we unveil the results next week. The journey to find the arboreal champion of Phenology February is in full swing, and the excitement is only growing. Happy voting, and may the best tree thrive! As always,  you can also download the bracket and get creative – start an office pool, challenge a friend, or play in any number of ways! The competition is fierce, but with your votes, we’ll unveil the ultimate arboreal champion.