November 7, 2022 /
Christina Hester

Talking Trees with Ketcham Elementary

It’s no secret that here at Casey Trees we are passionate about youth education. Afterall, to grow a greater, greener city, we must work together, not just today or tomorrow, but day after day and year after year. When we teach younger generations about the value of trees and green space now, we will ensure that our city’s lush tree filled legacy continues. This is why we host annual TreeWise Summer Youth Camps, host School Tree Plantings, teach at our Nature Near Schools program, and develop engaging, tree focused educational resources for students and teachers alike.  

While all the schools and institutions we work with (in our Nature Near Schools program) are dedicated to providing an enriching environmental education for their students, we recently spoke to three of the teachers over at Ketcham Elementary to learn how they incorporate the outdoors into their students day-to-day learning experiences.  

Eugene Banks, a 4th grade math and science teacher at the school, shared with us his love for empowering his students and teaching them the importance of being outdoors.

Next, we spoke to Laura Webb, who teaches Pre-K. Her passion and enthusiasm for the environment is something she so clearly instills in her students – even at a young age. 

Finally, we spoke to Erica “Go” Green. As well as being the STEM teacher at Ketcham Elementary, she is currently a WDC ANC Commissioner 8C04 candidate.