September 12, 2022 /
Christina Hester

2022 UTS Virtual Session: 3 Things I Learned

While it’s a shame if you missed out on our 2022 Urban Tree Summit Virtual Session, have no fear – We’re going to fill you in on three amazing things we learned this year! And if you’re also looking to get outside and learn something new, we still have 2 field sessions left,  very limited spots available.  

This year’s virtual session for the Urban Tree Summit was a wonderful educational experience like nothing I’ve ever attended before. Although I’m not a forester or an arborist, there was still plenty of great information and presentations on topics anyone could enjoy and appreciate. So, without further ado, here are three things I learned (as your average tree-lover) from the Urban Tree Summit Virtual Session. 

Trees Around the World 

With speakers presenting from countries across the globe, it’s easy to see that the need for trees isn’t a ‘here’ specific thing. When it comes to the care and keeping of our trees, we’re all asking the same questions- How can we keep trees healthy? What care practices work best? From Jeanmarie Papelian speaking on behalf of the Armenian Tree Project, and how their organization strives to assist the Armenian people by improving their standard of living through healthy trees to Glenn Percival discussing chemical mulching techniques to boost tree immunity from diseases anywhere in the world. It’s clear to see that no matter where we are, we’re acting with our trees in mind and how they can reach their full potential. 

Trees are Important to Everyone 

Aside from the obvious climate benefits that trees provide, they also provide countless health benefits. A vast majority of people live in urban areas and cities all around the world, and while a city might not always be the best or easiest place to grow trees – it is essential that those people living there still have access to greenspaces and the benefits that they provide. Daan Bleichrodt spoke on Tiny Forests and the immense power of connecting people to nature and each other by providing these spaces for people to feel calm and at peace in. These spaces aren’t exclusively beneficial to any one group of people over another, everyone prospers. 

We are all Connected Through Trees 

Though all our speakers presented on different topics, the overarching theme was always the same: Trees and how to make the most out of them. With attendees coming together from a variety of different backgrounds to learn what we can, whether that be to develop skills as an arborist, or gain growing tips as a nursery manager, or just learn what you can as an avid tree appreciator – trees brought us together and as we learned, keep us together. 

Learn more about the 2022 Urban Tree Summit and get your tickets for our last two field sessions here!