August 1, 2022 /
Christina Hester

We did it! 1 day, 2,000 trees



Here at Casey Trees, we aim to go above and beyond in everything we do. This year for our annual watering day, we set a goal of watering 2,000 trees and raising $2,000. Not only did we hit it, but we watered a grand total of 2,231 trees and raised $3,295. You could call us overachievers, but it’s truly a testament to our passion and dedication to trees!



Throughout the day, our crew watered thirsty trees across all 8 Wards – in doing so, we took a walk through a memory lane of past planting and tree care sites. While most of the trees we watered were celebrating their first summer in the ground, we also watered trees ranging up to their fourth summer. As we know, young trees that have been planted for less than three years need 25 gallons of water weekly to survive.


With the summer feeling like it’s getting hotter by the day and untrustworthy thunderstorms around every corner, it was crucial for our team to water trees in some of the hottest parts of the city. As you can see on the map below, the trees that were watered last Wednesday were all in areas with a high heat density, making them the most at risk of dehydration.


To celebrate hitting our goals and in the spirit of tradition, someone was going to get soaked. Once our crew made it back to Casey Trees headquarters, Robert Shaut, our director of tree operations, cooled off from a long day out in the field with a refreshing 25 gallons of water to the face. No worries though, he made sure there was enough to share with the trees in our rain garden. 

Check out the video above for some interviews with our watering crew, or check out @CaseyTrees on Instagram for the glorious moment of celebration at the end. Impressed by our crew? Want to ensure the trees around you aren’t thirsty? Donate to our efforts or take the pledge to water trees. After all, no one likes a thirsty friend.