December 20, 2021 /
Italia Peretti

It’s Beginning to Look A Bit Like Winter

While last week felt like a taste of spring, we are expecting some cooler temped in the coming days. Here are some helpful tips to consider while caring for your trees throughout the winter, whether it’s mild and warm or snowy and frigid – after all, you never know what DMV weather will bring!

  • Without leaves or buds, winter is a great time to inspect your trees. See anything unusual or worrisome? Trees may need structural pruning if they have damaged branches. Hire Casey Trees to check out your trees! Schedule soon – our January consults are filling up fast!
  • While it was a mild start to winter, remove snow and ice when it’s there. Removing snow and ice from the tree’s branches will protect tree branches from bending and breaking. 
  • Avoid sweeping salt into tree boxes or trees near the roads or parking lots. Salt can make it more difficult for roots to absorb water, even into spring. 

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