August 23, 2021 /
Jona Elwell

Olmsted 200

The Urban Tree Summit is made possible by generous financial and in-kind contributions from our sponsors. We’re excited to introduce you to a community- and sustainability-minded organization: Olmsted 200. 

Olmsted 200 is your invitation and one-stop-shop to explore Olmsted’s living legacy, brought to you by the National Association for Olmsted Parks. So who was Olmsted and why is it 200?

April 26, 2022, marks the 200th birthday of Frederick Law Olmsted — author, journalist, public official, urban planner, and founder of American landscape architecture. Olmsted and his successor firms designed thousands of landscape projects across the country. His democratic vision of public parks and their capacity to bring communities together is more important than ever.

The national Olmsted 200 campaign engages a creative coalition of landscape architects, design professionals, city planners, public health professionals, conservationists, community leaders, historians, and educators to explore the many ways in which Olmsted’s values can address today’s challenges. Rooted in Olmsted’s values of universal access to parks and the health and environmental benefits of open space and resilient designs, the celebration will examine the life, leadership, and enduring influence of this American visionary. 

Olmsted 200 is managed by the National Association for Olmsted Parks, along with founding partners The American Society of Landscape Architects, The Garden Club of America, Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site, City Parks Alliance, National Recreation and Park Association, The Cultural Landscape Foundation, The Trust for Public Land, American Public Health Association and The Landscape Architecture Foundation.

Through events, education, and advocacy at the local and national levels, Olmsted 200 ensures that Olmsted’s legacy lives on by renewing public and policy commitments to the preservation and maintenance of our historic parks and places. 

Whatever your interest, wherever you are located, they have an event for you. From conferences to tours to concerts and competitions, Olmsted 200 has an array of activities designed to introduce you to Frederick Law Olmsted and the importance of his work and ideas. There are tree walks and exhibits, online workshops, and webinars for the curious or professional, birthday parties in parks, concerts, and even time travel picnics! 

We hope you’ll join us and Olmsted 200 in celebrating the ongoing legacy of a pillar of American planning. We also hope you’ll join us in thanking Olmsted 200 for sponsoring the Urban Tree Summit and join us in September. Sessions – both online and in-person – are filling up fast.