Blog Post By Jona Elwell

Tree Rainbow: Pink Blooms

You know the cereal marketing slogan, “Taste the Rainbow”? Well, we’re taking a separate approach here at Casey Trees and will show you the rainbow. The rainbow of trees’ spring blooms that is! Each of the trees we’ll highlight are available for free through our residential programs. So whether you prefer bold red, sunny yellow, or classic pinks, trees offer something for everything:

Of all the flowering cherries, the Yoshino is perhaps the most famous in DC, adorning the Tidal Basin and other monuments with beautiful white-to-pink flowers. But did you know its wide and open crown turns orange-red in the fall? A true landscape tree, Yoshino Cherries rarely reach 30 feet tall and require full sun. Get up to $50 back for planting this tree through our tree rebate program.


A small, flowering tree that will provide shade when fully-grown, the crape myrtle not only has wonderful, showy flowers that can range from white to deep purple, it also has smooth, ornate bark that peels as the tree gets older. Many varieties were developed right here in DC at the U.S. National Arboretum – where many crape myrtles may be found. You can get up to $50 back for planting this tree yourself through our tree rebate program.


The rest of the rainbow: Red/Orange | Yellow/Green | Blue/Purple

Stay tuned for our last week, which is dedicated to white blooms!

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