September 8, 2020 /

We’re Hiring an Urban Forester and an Urban Forester Crew Chief

Why not bring your talents and skills to Casey Trees? We are growing in dynamic new ways and we recognize that the right people, offering their ideas and expertise, will enable us to continue our success.

Urban Forester

The Urban Forester 1 will manage and execute tree planting programs on both public and private lands. This position scouts and schedules tree planting or related consultations on a year-round basis with property owners, local government, businesses, and industry partners. The Urban Forester will coordinates spring, fall, and winter tree plantings to flow seamlessly with other tree planting activities and events.

Urban Forester Crew Chief

The Crew Chief executes the day-to-day operations for all tree planting, care, and related activities in the Tree Planting Department. This position manages the Tree Planting Crew members and their daily tasks and is responsible for the use, maintenance, inventory, and management of all vehicles, tools, and equipment. The Crew Chief reports to the Urban Forestry Manager and works with members across the organization to execute tree planting activities and events.

Think you’re a good fit for either position? Apply today! And a reminder, incomplete submittals will not be considered. No telephone calls please.