Blog Post By Jona Elwell


Today we shift from focusing on the canopy, to what is under it. The all-too-familiar events and images of the past week call upon us to fortify our awareness about the pervasive racial and social injustice all around us and actively commit to doing something about it – starting with our own communities, at home and with ourselves.

The simplest way to improve our urban canopy is to start with the trees where you live. The same can be said for creating change in the world. We must educate and challenge ourselves to be better listeners and partners in the fight against racial injustice and in the fight for greater equity and inclusion.

We urge you to get involved. We’re sharing resources on social media with information on how to be an active ally, books and materials to educate yourself, local black-owned businesses you can support, and organizations to donate to if you are able. Share any and all additional recommendations with us there or at

In order to live in the world we want, we have to start with ourselves. #BlackLivesMatter

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