Blog Post By Jona Elwell

2019 Tree Report Card: Empowering Future Generations Through Trees

Less than a month ago, on Arbor Day, we released the 2019 Tree Report Card, the only independent assessment of D.C.’s trees on public and private lands. While it’s exciting that D.C. received an A- and tree canopy has continued to improve, there is still cause for concern and action.

Trees are one of our city’s most valuable resources, and their existence depends on our care. It can take generations for a tree to grow to maturity, but only a moment for it to be cut down. And when a large tree is removed, it doesn’t just negatively impact the property where it was located, but rather the entire neighborhood. To successfully protect the city’s trees from illegal removal, we must make sure that younger generations interact with and experience them in a way that provides them an appreciation of their aesthetic, social and health benefits first-hand.

To grow a greater, greener city, we must work together, not just today or tomorrow, but day after day and year after year. When we teach younger generations about the value of trees and green space now, we will ensure that our city’s lush tree filled legacy continues.


  • Empower to be healthy: When we empower kids to go outside and play, we are promoting their overall health, all the while developing their appreciation of the natural world that we all must learn to protect and care for.
  • Empower to grow: When we empower kids to understand their role in a community of shared space which is what our urban environment is, we are also empowering them to work together, respect and protect that space, and the people who call it home.
  • Empower to lead: When we empower kids to go outside and learn, we are also teaching them the skills necessary to become well rounded future leaders that will understand the value of their environment.

Learn more about how we (and you!) can empower and engage youth by checking out the 2019 Tree Report Card!


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