kids planting trees
Blog Post By Jona Elwell

For the future…

It’s a bittersweet, odd and weird time at Casey Trees, and throughout the world, as we reckon with the impacts of the global coronavirus pandemic. Typically, this is our busiest time of year: we’re usually frantically prepping for our flagship event the Canopy Awards, while in the midst of our Community and School Tree Planting Season and pulling together an engaging, jam packed week celebrating Arbor Day and our urban forest. 

However this year, we’re not doing any of that. And neither are you. Neither is anyone. 

As we all adjust and make certain sacrifices, there are some things we’ve decided we won’t sacrifice. Those are the simple things that bring us all joy day in and day out – blossoms on street trees we watch, the communal joy of looking at what we’ve accomplished, and the solidarity that forms when we all come together. As our Canopy Award Winner for Education Heidi Burns so eloquently said before all this went down, “As an adult we can have all sorts of grand ideas and big ideas, but if you’re not in the moment you miss a lot of the special things that happen and a lot of the joy that comes from the present.” 

With plans, norms, and structure thrown to the wayside it can feel like life will never return. But if watching trees these past few weeks has taught us anything, it’s that nature is always there. Trees always bloom, leaves always fall, and life moves on. 

Let’s focus on the future while taking some time to soak in the now. With that in mind, celebrate Arbor Day with us! All month long we’re taking a (virtual) look at trees and everything our urban forest brings us – from the critical to the silly and everything in between.

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