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Curious about your city and its trees? Sign up for our newest class!

Since 2002, Casey Trees has worked to restore, enhance and protect the tree canopy of the nation’s capital. While our support is a more recent event on the City’s timeline, our urban forest has been growing strong since the inception of our city. Going back to D.C.’s early days, George Washington and his city planner, Pierre L’Enfant, made sure that the city had a balance of nature and buildings. By 1870, Boss Shepherd planted 60,000 trees as part of his public works projects – earning D.C. the nickname “City of Trees”.  D.C. is still considered to have more green space than any other national capital in the world.

Today we strive to build on the green foundation of Washington and work to ensure that trees remain part of resident’s everyday life. We are driven by trees and people. When you support Casey Trees, you join a community of people dedicated to protecting our urban forest and creating a more climate-resilient city.

 Our newest class, Your City, Your Trees will introduce you to the history of trees in Washington, teach you about the importance of greenery in a city, highlight urban trees in a new light, and most of all, show how you can leave a lasting, positive impact on our urban forest.  

What can you do to better your neighborhood, city, and world in this upcoming decade? This class will show you! Be a part of our continuing legacy as the City of Trees. Sign up today.

Your City, Your Trees | Wed, Jan 22 | 6:30-8:00pm | Casey Trees HQ 3030 12th St NE

By the end of class, you’ll know more about:

  • Our urban forest in our changing cityscape
  • Casey Trees programs and volunteer opportunities
  • Environmental benefits provided by trees

 Who should attend:

  • Those new to Casey Trees, DC, or urban forestry.
  • Those looking for a community of like-minded individuals passionate about our tree canopy.
  • Those interested in learning more about the value of trees and their place in our City.

*Those who shouldn’t attend? Existing Citizen Foresters! You already know most of this and we will have other opportunities for you in 2020 (a good incentive for others to become Citizen Foresters- our lead volunteers!)

For additional details, like how to get there and what to expect, visit the event page.

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