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Urban Forestry Fellowship recipient Ben Breger published

(From left: Ben Breger and Sonny Kremer / Photo Credit: Matthew Medeiros)

We’re thrilled to share that the Garden Club of America/Casey Trees Urban Forestry Fellowship recipient, Ben Breger was published in the journal Urban Forestry & Urban Greening. His research on  Massachusetts’ Greening the Gateway Cities Program (GGCP), an effort focused on planting thousands of trees in 12 communities in the state, was enabled by the scholarship. Go Ben! Go urban trees! 

Interested in the functionality and aesthetics of urban vegetation, he examined the socio-ecological factors that impact the survival of urban trees such as nursery treatment, site conditions, and level of human stewardship. His research took place in Holyoke, Massachusetts, where thousands of trees have been planted over the past three years as part of GGCP, a statewide urban greening initiative. Thanks to research providing more accurate and localized data on urban tree survival, forestry professionals can better plan greening initiatives and assess the benefits of large scale urban tree planting campaigns.

Definitely sounds like something we can get behind. 

Check out the study Urban tree survival and stewardship in a state-managed planting initiative: A case study in Holyoke, Massachusetts directly, or read more about the process and lessons learned from visiting each tree in the city!

Interested in trying your hands at some citizen science? Check out our Park Inventory program at Fort Reno Lincoln. No experience necessary! Maybe one day we will be publishing you!

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