June 28, 2019 /
Jona Elwell

Watch Fireworks From the Shade of These Trees

Both the Fourth of July and temperatures in the 90s are on the horizon, so if you plan on sticking around the area for Independence Day here are some literally and figuratively cool spots to catch the (dueling) fireworks show:

Scoping out trees for an Inventory in 2016 (and a good spot with a view!)

Malcolm X/Meridian Hill Park

Instead of debating whether or not the fountains will be on next week, try your hand at identifying trees at this iconic 16th Street park, which, as its name suggests, lies at the top of a hill (necessary for good firework viewing). Our inventory map is from our past efforts – we managed to measure and survey over 100 of the trees throughout the park in 2016 and came back to add 24 additional trees in 2018.

Frederick Douglass National Historic Site

While they truly went all out for the statesman, journalist, and activist icon’s 200th birthday last year, it looks like this year will be a calmer year. Not to worry though, the expansive lawn at Cedar Hill, the name for Douglass’ estate, presents itself as a prime spot to view the Anacostia River and the firework shows. While you wait for the sun to set and the show to start, spend some time admiring the property’s 130+ year old massive and magnificent South Magnolia trees, which are officially in the Witness Tree Protection Program and were recently listed among the most unusual trees in D.C.

Lady Bird Johnson Park/Columbia Island

It might be part of the George Washington Memorial Parkway, but due to increased holiday traffic and massive road closures, consider biking along the Mt. Vernon trail to this urban oasis. Technically still part of D.C. (even though you’re ‘across’ the Potomac River) this green island offers unparalleled views of the National Mall – and therefore the fireworks! After you get your picnic blanket set up and are adequately dosed in bug spray, consider checking out some of the trees we added in a three part Community Tree Planting last year!

A great spot to plant trees *and* enjoy an Independence Day show.

McKinley Tech High School Parking Lot

Perched high above Eckington, before you admire the fireworks be sure to take a moment to bask in the beauty of our growing trees. We planted them as part of a Community Tree Planting in 2018! 


Help us to keep these and all other D.C. parks covered with tree canopy throughout the hot summer months by taking our 25 to Stay Alive Watering Pledge!