Blog Post By Jona Elwell

5 Gifts for Dads (Or All Important Folks In Your Life)

Like your favorite father figure, we’ll be blunt: gifts are challenging! Here is list to spark some inspiration for you and joy for the recipients. Whether you #treatyoself or spread the love, know that every dollar spent in our store goes directly towards restoring, enhancing and protecting the urban canopy of our dear nation’s capital!

When they insist they don’t want or need anything but you still want to show you care: Our Evergreen Membership is less than the Netflix subscription you mooch off of them, but exemplifies what it means to be a dedicated member of the local community and an irreplaceable ambassador for our city’s trees.

Because there ain’t no bad joke like a dad joke: They’ll chuckle every time they look down and see our “I Dig Trees” shirt.

For every time they ask for help taking out the recycling: We All Play a Part in protecting our urban trees *and* keeping the house running. This shirt is a sleek reminder of that.

Considering they ask you to identify every street tree every time they visit: Satisfy their curiosity and give your brain a break with our handy dandy Species Guide that includes over 70 trees found through the DMV! #themoreyouknow

And what they really want: time spent with you. Register the two of you for any of our free, no experience needed volunteer events! Whether it’s a tree walk, planting, inventory, or class, we provide all the tools, knowledge, and snacks you need.

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