April 1, 2019 /

Help Keep Environmental Education Funded

It’s budget season people! We need you to tell our elected officials to continue to fund environmental literacy programs in the 2020 Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) budget. In addition to planting trees, our education team works with D.C. youth in schools and other grant-funded programs to spread the importance of trees.  Submit your comments to help shape the District budget and ensure that we have funding for current and future environmental education programs.

Every year after the Mayor submits her budget and there are a set of hearings where we are able to ask the D.C. Council to provide funding for certain programs. This year, we will be attending the OSSE hearing where we will advocate for environmental literacy programs. Environmental education is an important part of Casey Trees’ education programs and we want to make sure it isn’t forgotten. We are asking you to support us in asking the Committee on Education and the Committee of the Whole to not forget environmental education by submitting comments here.

We plant trees because it will increase tree canopy and help our climate now and for the next generation. By educating our kids, they too can change it for the better and for generations to come.