Blog Post By Jona Elwell

Our Spring Season Kicks Off (in Earnest!) This Week

Heading to an event of ours? First off, we can’t wait to see you! Secondly, here are some things we’d love for folks to keep in mind. We’ll see you out there! There are still spots available for many of our spring season events. It’s never too late to get involved and make a difference!

  • Show up on time – Regardless or whether you’re attending a planting, inventory, class, or any other event associated with Casey Trees, we appreciate your timeliness! We have a lot of ground to cover in our short time together so it’s always helpful when we can get started right away. Double check your email and/or the registration page to be sure you know when and where to be.
  • Check in to be put on a team – Once you’ve found the bright and beautiful beacon that is the Casey Trees registration table, check in with a member of our staff. They’ll check you in so we know you attended, get you situated with a nametag and a team, and let you know all the juicy details (like where the bathroom is!).
  • Set yourself up for success – While we have a lot of this onsite, it’s important to remember that in order to restore, enhance, and protect our urban forest, we’re often outside in the middle of it. That means sunblock and bug spray are some of your best friends. Be sure to apply before you head out! You can always re-apply at our registration tent too.
  • Dress the part – This goes along with the last point, but it’s so important it deserved its own bullet. Chacos and Birkenstocks are cute, but you know what isn’t? A shovel tip to your big toe. Closed toed shoes are your friend for our events, just like your high school science lab. This should go without saying, but dress to spend time outside. Whether you’re at a Trees 101 class, a planting, or an inventory, chances are some or all of your event will take place outside – usually no matter the weather (thunderstorms are an exception but don’t worry, you’ll know if we cancel an event). Long pants are preferable too, but when you’re measuring trees in August, we understand why you have shorts on. Also, we know fluorescent vests aren’t the sexiest, but they’re necessary. Safety is our number one priority, plus embrace the enhanced visibility!
  • Stay hydrated – We’re outdoors in whatever weather D.C. has thrown at us, we’re moving and grooving, and we need you to stay hydrated! We always have water coolers onsite, but really appreciate it when people bring their own water bottles. You don’t have to keep coming back to the registration tent and we can cut down on those dreaded single-use plastics.
  • Get pumped to make an immediate, tangible difference – Determining the health of our canopy, figuring out what types of tree are growing in a park, and planting a tree immediately change our city for the better. When you come to a Casey Trees event know that you are donating your precious time to an important and grateful organization and cause.

Our volunteers and community are the backbones of what we do. We are endlessly grateful for your help in restoring, enhancing, and protecting the tree canopy of our nation’s capital. Celebrate our collective hard work (and don’t get covered in dirt!) at this year’s Canopy Awards, our annual Arbor Day Eve bash honoring our city’s tree heroes.

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