Blog Post By Jona Elwell

#treatyoself and make a dent in that gift list (with new Casey Trees swag!)

Somehow December’s here and the holidays are in full swing. Now that it’s an appropriate time to discuss holiday shopping it’s time to buckle down and get everyone checked off your list. PLUS we’re pumped to introduce the latest in Casey Trees fashion. Remember, every purchase you makes goes directly back towards our mission of restoring, enhancing and protecting the tree canopy of D.C.

We have something for everyone:

For the ultimate tree nerd (which could be you! #treatyoself): the newest in Casey Trees fashion – our subtle and sweet new beanie!

For your eco chic partner who reminds you every time you go out to ask the bartender to forget the straw: Our double sided canvas tote will ensure they don’t have to pay for a plastic bag and they can cart home all the Trader Joe’s goodies for your next movie night.

For your parent who asks you to identify every street tree every time they visit: Satisfy their curiosity and give your brain a break with our handy dandy Species Guide that includes over 70 trees found through the DMV! #themoreyouknow

For that sibling that cannot stop talking politics with you since, you know, you live in the nation’s capital:  We may not have representation in Congress, but we sure can represent the District everywhere we go. Our new beanies feature our take on the District’s beloved flag. Three stars and two bars forever.

For your bestie that you can do anything with: Our restore, enhance, and protect shirts are not only supremely soft, but they make sure you REP the district with pride.

For that nice secret snowflake that you like but know nothing about: It’s hard to go wrong with a sleek water bottle/thermos. Eco-friendly, chic, and will keep your caffeinated beverage nice and toasty while you wait for the Metro.

For that last person on your list who has truly stumped (wink wink) you: Adopt a tree! It’s quick, easy and hard to hate. Plus, you can quickly print a certificate to wrap before heading to your seventh gift swap.


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