Blog Post By Jona Elwell

The Future is Bright (and Green!)

Working with the vibrant Gallaudet community to re-tree their campus after it was devastated by the deadly Emerald Ash Borer beetle was not the end to our groundbreaking partnership. When you partner with Casey Trees, you’re in our circle for life.

The benefits of trees on the health and education of children and the community are clear. Trees help improve student’s ability to focus in class and concentrate on homework, reduce ADHD symptoms, provide context for science, math and technology lessons and more.

And that is why each spring and fall, Casey Trees plants almost 350 trees at schools across D.C. We provide the trees, tools and expertise, all at no cost (made possible by you)—and students help to plant and water the trees for hands-on learning. The Kendall Demonstration Elementary School, located on campus at Gallaudet University is an inspiring hub for early education focused on deaf and hard of hearing children. Adding trees to Kendall was a logical, exciting, and fruitful next step for our relationship with Gallaudet.



Besides providing shade and improved air quality for generations of students, these native species trees will help teach students about the vital importance of a healthy tree canopy in urban environments. The kids love the experience and the school and the whole Gallaudet community benefits from the many environmental, social and economic benefits trees provide.

We’re working to make Washington green for generations to come and that involves nurturing the next crop of environmental stewards (and trees, of course). We need more folks to step up and help us accomplish this. Please consider making a tax-deductible year-end donation to Casey Trees this holiday season. The future of our urban forest depends on Casey Trees and you!

This is the last part of a series about our flourishing partnership with Gallaudet University. Read about how we got introduced and how we re-treed the campus. We’re proud to partner with them to show the power of our mission.

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