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Your Last Chance to Strengthen Sustainable DC 2.0

This is it! Your final opportunity to influence the city’s new Sustainable DC plan is here. Together, we can strengthen Sustainable DC 2.0 and make it the best version yet. Send feedback to the District Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE)! Below you can find language to use or feel free to add your own spin. Whatever you submit, do it by September 30, 2018!

Public Comments:

Thank you for releasing the new Sustainable DC plan for public comment. I am thrilled to see that the number of new trees planted per year in Nature Action 2.1 has increased from 8,600 to 10,500. Thank you also for changing Nature Target 3 to “provide quality green space” within a 10 minute walk of all residents.

In addition to these changes, I’d like to make three requests: 1) In the goals for the Nature section listed on page 6, change “Helping” wildlife and habitat to “Protect, restore, and expand” wildlife and habitat. 2) Add the Tree Canopy Protection Amendment Act, also signed by Mayor Bowser in 2016, to the legislation listed on page 56. This amendment discourages removal of healthy, mature trees – the pillars of our District’s ecosystem. 3) Split Nature Action 2.4 to create a new action: Create a habitat connectivity map to inform a network of green corridors to balance of human access, conservation, and climate adaptation. These plan updates will ensure all D.C. residents experience the benefits of nature and allow D.C. to retain its title as the City of Trees.

Thank you for the opportunity to influence this important city plan.


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