Blog Post By Jona Elwell

Get to Know Your 2018 Canopy Award Winners

“I believe in the magic of trees.”

Each of our award winners has worked in their own way to restore, enhance, and protect the tree canopy of D.C. But why Design for the D.C. Office of Planning? What did city arborists Steve and Joel do to earn the Award for education? Learn a little bit more about each of our honorees and their crucial work.

Then be sure to get your ticket to the Fifth Annual Canopy Awards so you can celebrate with them in person on Arbor Day Eve.

Just what is the Olmsted plan and how does it affect D.C.? Chris Shaheen from our Canopy Award for Design winner the D.C. Office of Planning will fill you in:


Why do Urban Forestry Division arborists Steve McKindley-Ward and Joel Conlon enjoy working with the volunteer Pruning Corps? And why did they volunteer to run it in the first place? Hear from our Canopy Award Winner for Education:


How is the Department of Energy and the Environment (DOEE) a leader in stormwater management? Let Tommy Wells, director of the Canopy Award for Leadership winning DOEE fill you in:


What makes the Department of Parks & Recreation a great partner? Director Keith Anderson elaborates on our partnership here:


Let’s cut to the chase: Kathy Robertson is an all around awesome human and a stellar volunteer. Find out more about all the different ways she’s volunteers with us and why she is a derserving winner of the 2018 Canopy Award for Volunteer Service:


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