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Most Popular Leaflet Posts of 2017

As 2017 wraps up, we were curious as to what caught your attention this year. So we’ve compiled the top ten most read Leaflet articles of 2017. Some may surprise you. What was your favorite Leaflet article this year?

Thank you, loyal readers, for your interest and enthusiasm. See you in 2018!

10. Meet the Newest Casey Trees’ Board Members
Everyone, including us!, was excited to learn more about our four newest board members.


9. 2017 Canopy Awards Tickets Now on Sale!
Kicking off our list was the kick off to the 2017 Canopy Awards. The early bird rate is hard to resist.


8. Join Our Team
You like us, you really us! People were pumped at the prospect of joining our team in April 2017, when we posted job announcements.


7. Sign-Up To Plant Trees This Spring!
Our eager volunteers helped launch our spring Community Planting Season registration announcement to the seventh spot on our leaflet most read list.


6. D.C. Launches its Annual Campaign Against the Ginkgo Tree
D.C. is one of the few cities that actively tries to battle female Gingko trees and those stinky berries. You were eager to find out more too!


5. Enjoy Fall Without Any Pumpkin Spice: Just Follow Our Foliage Map
I’m just really glad that our awesome Fall foliage map (this headline) did not go unloved.


4. We’re Hiring for Our 2017 Summer Crew
Summer job searchers helped our summer crew break into the top five most read Leaflet articles!


3. Oh What a Night – Fourth Annual Canopy Awards Recap
Who can resist a photo recap of one of the best nights of the year – Arbor Day Eve!


2. Join Our Team – We’re Hiring!
In August we announced available positions an y’all jumped at the opportunity to join our team.


Drumroll please…the most popular Leaflet article in 2017 was….

1. What’s In Store for Trees after All this Wacky Weather Pt. II
Needless to say, we had a bizarre autumn, with exceedingly warm temperatures well into the season. Our article shedding light on “Hotumn’s” impact on trees and foliage was our most popular leaflet article for 2017!

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