November 20, 2017 /
Jona Elwell

Help Us Bring Trees Home

For many folks, the end of the year is a time to head home to their families and reflect on the past year. Believe it or not, the same can be said for our trees.

From humble beginning as mere saplings at the farm, they grow thanks to the care of the farm crew. Once they’re strong and ready, they’re loaded up to begin their big journey – their journey home.

We’re lucky to be able to bring trees to their new homes throughout the District. Whether they become a base in a local park, a favorite picnic spot at a school, or a place of solace at a church, we know they’ve made it to the right place.

The final step? You. Our volunteers complete the circle with the most important part: planting the tree. Each weekend, you help to provide a tree with its rightful place and beautify the city and we are truly thankful. Thanks to you, each tree has a home and a story.

Help us bring more trees home – donate today. Any bit helps, but as seasoned volunteers you know this.

Check out our tree’s journey from farm to District: