Blog Post By Jona Elwell

Let Us Help You Beat the Heat

Needless to say, temperatures this summer have been hot. Hotter than hot. While hiding in the air conditioning for months seems like a good idea at first, we all know the benefits of being outside and surrounding yourself with green space.

What’s a Washingtonian to do? Let us help you set you up for success with a shade tree! If you’re feeling the itch to plant a tree yourself, take advantage of our tree rebate program and get money back for any approved tree you plant.

Don’t have the time, green thumb, or tools to plant a tree yourself? No worries! Let our crew plant a beautiful shade tree in your yard through RiverSmart Homes. Through this program our certified tree arborist will assess your property, recommend tree species and where to plant your new tree(s), all for a $50 co-pay.

Increasing the tree canopy of D.C., the value of your home, and keeping yourself sane and cool in the summer months couldn’t be easier! Get started right here.


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