Blog Post By Jona Elwell

Save the Best for Last – Spring 2017 Tree Planting Season Recap

It feels like we updated you on the progress of our Spring 2017 Tree Planting Season yesterday, but believe it or not, another planting season has come and gone at Casey Trees. Not one to go out quietly, we packed our last planting day with activities. There was an appearance at Kingman Island Bluegrass Festival (where we raffled off a tree!), a joint session of Trees 201 and a Kennedy Rec Center Inventory, and TWO community tree plantings: one at Francis Field and Dog Park and another at Common Green/Amidon Field.

But wait, there’s more! The one and only Muriel Bowser joined us at the Francis Field and Dog Park planting to wish our volunteers well and thank them for all their hard work towards our shared goal of reaching 40% canopy by 2032. She even anointed our last batch of Team Leader candidates with their hats, completing their journey in becoming full fledged Team Leaders.

Thanks to everyone – from Shake Shack, to our Team Leaders, to our Registration Volunteers, to members of the Urban Forestry Division, to every group and individual that volunteered with us – for all your help this season. You braved snow, rain, and the elements, but look what we accomplished:

Did you know Casey Trees Members get advanced access to sign up for our Community Tree Plantings? These events fill up fast, so be sure to join or renew your membership to ensure you can partake in the fun come the Fall Planting Season. See you in October!

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