Blog Post By Jona Elwell

Farewell to Neil Irvin

Neil Irvin, our Urban Forestry Manager, is packing up his bags and relocating. Before he heads out, we asked him a few questions to commemorate his time at Casey Trees! His last day is May 12 and boy will he be missed.

Casey Trees (CT): Where (or what) will you be moving on to?
Neil Irvin (NI):
I will be relocating to Northern California in a small town called “Forrest Ranch” which has a population of 1,184.

CT: What has been your biggest, best, or favorite achievement during your time at Casey Trees?
My biggest achievement here at Casey was acquiring my arborist certificate, I couldn’t have achieved that without the help of my director and my colleagues. They encouraged me along the way when I came up short and also put forth the resources to continue my education in the vast world of arboriculture.

CT: What has surprised you most working at Casey Trees?
The amount of knowledge that is at your fingertips and the connections made with folks in and around the mid- Atlantic.

CT: Do you have any advice for your successor?
Lead by example and expect the unexpected.

CT: Last but not least, favorite tree?
At first when I came on board I found beauty and strength in the bald cypress, especially since and being from Florida it was a common tree I saw in a mature state. As the years have gone by and my knowledge of trees has grown I now am currently fond of the American sycamore. The amount of shade it provides, its immediate benefits to a landscape, and the fact that the mature bark has a camouflage effect. And we all know what my favorite pattern/color is…you guessed it “real tree camo”.

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