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From Crew to Chief

Congratulations are in order! Brendan Durkin should be a familiar face to anyone who frequents Casey Trees’ Community Tree Plantings. Durkin, formerly an Urban Forestry Crew Member, was recently promoted to the position of Crew Chief. Crew Chiefs are to tree planting what quarterbacks are to football.

Casey Trees (CT): Where are you originally from?
Brendan Durkin (BD): I am a native of the District of Columbia. I grew up in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood of Washington. With a National Park outside my back door, I grew up playing in the park’s many open spaces and exploring its trails. The historic houses of Mt. Pleasant did not always have air conditioning, and a great relief would be to walk down into the Rock Creek valley and to feel the temperature drop a few degrees.

CT: What has been your favorite part of working at Casey Trees?
BD: Working for Casey Trees engages me in many ways. Every day is an opportunity to experience growth, impact our city’s landscape, and share a passion for the wonders of trees, which are integral to Washington, D.C.

CT: Do you have a favorite type of tree, or a favorite site at which to plant?
BD: I don’t have a favorite tree to plant, but I DO love this question. Many people will confess to having a single favorite tree, only to select a new one a few months later (demonstrating how totally awesome trees are!) There are so many different trees, and they change their mood and appearance from month to month. You might miss these changes if your only exposure to the beauty of a tree is fall foliage. Walk to a tree near you this winter, and see how your tree protects its valuable buds in scales like armor.

CT: Which is your favorite D.C. park?
BD: D.C. has a great number of parks. Riding my bike to the Fort Reno Summer Concert Series in Tenlytown, D.C.’s point of highest elevation, or ice skating at Fort Dupont Arena, overlooking the U.S. Capitol, are memories I recall fondly growing up here. One can also catch the Summer Concert Series in Fort Dupont, and ride your bike to it! In both memories, the trees in these parks are essential and impressive to the landscape.

CT: Favorite hobby?
BD: Hobbies are like grown-up playtime, right? I love stimulating expression in many varieties. Expressive movement, whether running, riding bicycles, or creating music, is critical to my schemes for conquering the world. I am a part-time yoga instructor, and I am grateful to share the tools that have helped me let go and move forward.

CT: If you were a dessert, what would you be?
BD: If I had to be a dessert, I would likely be a chocolate brownie fudge sundae.  A delicious fluffy chocolate brownie surrounded by a sea of vanilla ice cream drenched in fudge and peppered with crushed peanuts.

Be sure to say congrats when you see Brendan at a planting this fall, and keep your eyes peeled: we’ll be announcing the spring Community Tree Planting schedule in the coming weeks.

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