Blog Post By Italia Peretti

2016 Weekly Watering Alert Recap

Every Monday from May to October, we took the guessing game out of knowing when to water your trees by posting a weekly tree watering recommendation — water, do not water or watering optional.

We do this because it is important for newly planted trees, those in the ground for less than three years — to receive 25 gallons of water, roughly 1.5 inches of rainfall per week, to survive.

Our arborists use rainfall data to determine our alert each week. Although weather is pretty unpredictable, we typically assume that the warm summer months will result in more watering recommendations than not. But what do the stats tell us? We had a very dry summer. Let’s break it down further:

From May 1 to October 1, the District received 17.9 inches of rainfall, and Casey Trees issued 22 total watering recommendations. Further broken down, 4 optional, 12 must water, and 6 do not water.

Check out the full break down and compare it to 2014 and 2015’s alerts below — note in 2015 we gave alerts through October:

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