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Urban Forestry Advisory Council

One of the most exciting but overlooked provisions of the recently passed Tree Canopy Protection Amendment Act of 2016 is the creation of the Urban Forest Advisory Council (UFAC).

This body brings together public and private stakeholders to coordinate their combined efforts toward achieving the District’s 40% tree canopy goal by 2032. The UFAC held its first meeting on September 14 to discuss the District’s tree planting plans and to outline the Council’s targets and goals.

The Council, co-chaired by the Department of Energy & Environment (DOEE) and the District Department of Transportation (DDOT), consists of 12 members, including representatives from the National Park Service, Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR), DC Water, Pepco, Casey Trees and three community representatives, two of whom are Tree Advocates (Delores Bushong and Dennis Chestnut).

Highlighting the advisory body’s impact on growing the District’s tree canopy, DOEE Director, Tommy Wells, described it as “an essential, forward-thinking component in the District’s push to increase tree canopy cover in all eight wards.”

To learn more about the Urban Forestry Advisory Council or the District’s new tree protections, please attend Casey Trees’ Stand Up For Trees on September 24.  At this fun, interactive advocacy workshop, you will learn how to protect trees in your neighborhood and across the District.

By Suraj Sazawal

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