Blog Post By Jason Galliger

Take the Pledge. Water Trees.

Returning with our watering alerts is our 25 To Stay Alive pledge.

The 25 to Stay Alive pledge is pretty simple. Visit our website and sign the pledge to water newly-planted trees in your yard, neighborhood or park and you will receive a fancy Casey Trees rain gauge FOR FREE!

The gauge, combined with our handy watering alerts, will let you know whether or not your trees need some vital H20.

Why do we do this?

Easy, newly-planted trees need at least 25 gallons per week to survive.

Without watering a tree’s root structure won’t properly establish and it could be damaged, or even toppled, by severe summer weather events. Minimal watering also lessens its reserves which means a week of brutal August heat could spell doom.

Soon, you can also sign the pledge using Facebook.

Once you pledge, share your progress with us by using the hashtag #25tostayalive and tag us (@CaseyTrees) on social media.

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