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Staff Spotlight: Amy Kasper

Casey Trees is very fortunate to have a great corps of highly talented and brilliant staff members. And in the wake of her departure from Casey Trees, we would like to highlight and thank our longtime Development Associate, Amy Kasper.

From the Canopy Awards to the Membership Program — Amy Kasper has helped to grow these Casey Trees staples from the ground up.

However, before Amy departs for her next big adventure we asked her a few questions:

Casey Trees (CT): Where will you be moving on to?

Amy Kasper (AK): Las Vegas! My fiancé and I are relocating to the area, and I will be working at Red Rock Canyon Interpretive Association and Southern Nevada Conservancy. They do great work in some of the beautiful natural sites in the area, and I will be their new Development Manager.

CT: What has been your biggest, best or favorite achievement during your time at Casey Trees.

AK: There are two special things that come to mind: being able to help grow the ranks of Casey Trees Membership; and seeing the Annual Canopy Awards event grow from an idea to an annual event that can’t be missed in D.C. Each are great ways for the community to support and grow Casey Trees. They allow our supporters to connect with others, make an impact together and in turn, help grow the tree canopy. Although both are a couple of steps away from planting each individual tree, I believe those connections, human networks and collective progress are what keeps all of us motivated for our long term goals – and I loved being a part of helping that network grow!

CT: What will you miss most about D.C. (besides the people of course).

AK: Shade! While the desert has some great landscapes and its own unique biodiversity – I will definitely miss the towering trees and greenspaces that D.C. offers. It’s pretty special to work for Casey Trees in “The City of Trees”– so I will definitely miss that.

CT: Top DMV hang out spot?

AK: Woodland’s Bistro, or NuVegan Café as it is called now. Those vegan chick’n drummies are one of a kind!

CT: Do you have any advice for your successor?

AK: Always remember that people give to people, and will support ideas and ideals of the people they trust. Casey Trees is an idea – the work involved is necessary, but secondary to the mission. Keep stories alive and true to the mission, and support and progress will follow.

CT: Describe your Casey Trees journey in a haiku.

Intern to Sensei

Changes come, tree rings outgrow

New sapling needed

-Amy Kasper

We wish you all the best in the next step of your journey Amy, cheers!

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