Blog Post By Jason Galliger

Mid-Season Check-In

Time flies when you’re having fun! We’ve had so much planting trees in communities, schools and homes around the city that we’ve already hit the halfway point in our spring planting season!

But what is our impact? Let’s look at the numbers.

Since the season began we’ve planted 671 total trees. 399 of these trees were planted at a Community or School tree planting event.

Our tree planting workshop was one of the largest in Casey Trees history. Over 100 people came out to learn exactly how to plant a tree. This workshop was also unique in that it was the first time we had concurrent classes: one of team leader candidates and one for homeowners.

At the end of March, we planted 105 trees with just under a hundred volunteers at our Pinehurst planting. Making it one of the largest plantings this season. The project organizer, John Burwell, took some amazing photos (including some sick fish-eye ones!). You can see them below.

Through each planting so far this season, rain or shine, our volunteers have been amazing. Donating roughly 1,344 volunteer hours which equals $53,571.84 according to Independent Sector.

Seven of these volunteers have taken the next step and become team leaders. Team leaders are an integral part of getting each tree planted in the ground – making sure that it is set up for success and also that new volunteers have a great experience.


Another highlight this Spring has been breakfast sandwiches provided by our friends and Canopy Awards sponsor Shake Shack – Union Station. Having a fresh breakfast sandwich is a great way to start a tree planting (and filled with plenty of muscle-building protein too)!


You can keep track of all community tree plantings by following our Flickr page.

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