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1 Tree, 2 tree, Help Us Inventory

Your neighborhood park is a great place to picnic, read a book or play catch.  But did you also know that 50 ft sugar maple you’re sitting under is storing almost 2000lbs of carbon and capturing almost 100 cubic feet of storm water every year?

Thanks to some amazing volunteers, we were able to collect data on trees in Crispus Attucks Park and calculate their benefits using a scientifically vetted model known as iTree. You can see all that information come to life through this interactive map—including more data about that sugar maple.

With your help, we can do this for all parks in DC.

This year, Arbor Day falls on April 29 – and what better way to celebrate it than by volunteering with us at Meridian Hill Park for the next park inventory. If you’ve participated in our Trees 101 or Trees 201 class, this will be a great way to put your knowledge into action but no prior experience is necessary.  We provide a short, hands-on training, then work together in small groups as we document tree species, height, diameter of the trunk, width of the crown and more.

Sign up soon for the Meridian Hill Park Inventory to guarantee your spot before they run out!

If you can’t make this one, we have plenty more throughout the summer:

May 11 – Upper Senate Park

May 26 – Emery Recreation Center

June 4 – Yards Park

June 14 – Benning Stoddert Recreation Center

June 25 – Hillcrest Recreation Center

July 9 – Landsburgh Park

July 14 – Chevy Chase Recreation Center

August 6 – Lincoln Park



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