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Spring Is Officially Here

While this past weekend was rather dreary we promise you as of yesterday, March 20, it’s springtime!

Spring is an amazing time of year — rooftops, March Madness, pastel-colored shorts — it’s also a key time to prep your trees for success.

Tips for trees that have been in the ground for less than three years:

Water. While it may not be as warm or humid as in the summer months, newly-planted trees still need 25-gallons of water a week to survive. If we go through a dry patch, help your tree out with some H20.

Now is also the time to install/re-install slow release watering bags. Installation instructions are printed right on the side and we have step-by-step videos to help as needed. Each bag also holds the recommended 25-gallons of water per week.

Mulch. Mulch acts as a buffer and temperature regulator for a tree’s root structure. Mulch also helps absorb and retain water for the tree. Just apply using the 3-3-3 rule and avoid volcano mulching.

If your tree is on a hill, create a small berm on the opposite side of the slope. This will allow water to pool around the tree rather than running straight by it.

Eye-test. This is also a good time to spot-check if any arbor ties or guards are too tight around the tree. Remove or loosen as needed to prevent them cutting into the tree.

Protect. Install trunk and deer guards as needed. Deer LOVE newly-planted trees. If unprotected, deer will rub their antlers against the tree causing significant and potentially fatal damage. Trunk guards will help protect against damage from lawn care equipment.

All of the tips listed above apply to older trees as well, especially watering and mulching.

One great thing about older trees — you can plant a garden around them. But only if you select the right plants.

Here is a handy guide on the best plant types for your tree garden.

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