February 1, 2016 /
Italia Peretti

Foraging From Bark To Blossom

The Juniper is this month’s featured tree in our Member calendar, Foraging From Bark To Blossom. The calendar, available exclusively to Members at the Steward level and above, showcases a different tree species each month that flourishes in D.C. and produces leaves, blossoms, bark, nectar, sap or pods that can be added to meals, snacked on or sipped.

So what makes junipers so great? Juniper berries — actually cones with scales so miniature and packed down that you can’t even see them — can be eaten dried, chopped or powdered to impart a sharp peppery flavor to savory dishes. And for those of you who enjoy an adult beverage, juniper berries are the flavoring agent in gin.

Since we are all about hands-on learning, we thought we would share with you a cocktail recipe that will help you appreciate the juniper off the clock.  Enjoy!

Berry and Rosemary Juniper Gin Fizz

Impress your friends at your next get-together with this fun and festive cocktail! Cheers!

500g frozen blackberries

4 lemons, chopped into little pieces

2 sprigs of rosemary, leaves picked

10 juniper berries

5 tbsp honey

500ml gin of choice

1 liter soda water

  • Divide the blackberries, lemons and rosemary evenly between each tumbler, then add a juniper berry and ½ tbsp honey. (These can be made ahead of time and sit in the fridge until your guests arrive.)
  • When you’re ready to serve, use a muddler or rolling pin to mash the berry mixture until the fruit is crushed.
  • Fill each glass with ice, top with 50ml gin and a dash of soda water, stir well and serve.


Interested in planting a juniper tree in your yard? Check out our Tree Rebate Program.

Recipe — courtesy of Jamie Oliver