January 11, 2016 /
Italia Peretti

Donor Profile: Stoiber and Associates

You often see volunteers, donors and Members who we profile on the Leaflet. However, organizations, companies and corporations should receive recognition too! One such corporation is Stoiber and Associates. Stoiber and Associates is an architectural firm that services a wide variety of commercial, institutional and residential projects in D.C and beyond.

This past month Stoiber and Associates wanted a unique opportunity to make a charitable donation to their local community that both their employees and clients could share in together. So they called our development team. Based on their needs, we paired them up with our Tree Sponsorship Program, which provided them a unique opportunity to not only support our tree planting work, but get a few trees named on their behalf that were recently planted this fall.

We sat down with Kami, a Project Architect at Stoiber and Associates to discuss our partnership:

Casey Trees (CT): What was your inspiration to gifting tree sponsorships to your key clients in lieu of more traditional holiday gifts?

Stoiber and Associates (SA): In the past we’ve given more traditional gifts, usually food-related items, which have been well-received and quickly consumed. However, as a firm, we’ve been making a concerted effort to reduce our carbon footprint and employ more sustainable practices. With that in mind, we felt it would be nice this year to give a gift that keeps giving, while cutting out the paper waste that comes from cards and packaging. The tree planting program seemed like a great opportunity to join our clients in giving back to the community, by creating a more beautiful and healthy environment, one tree at a time. 

CT: How do you feel your clients will respond to receiving such an original gift?

SA: For all of our clients who are familiar with Casey Trees, we have no doubt that they will be excited about being part of an excellent program. For those who are being introduced to Casey Trees for the first time, we hope they will feel a greater sense of connection with their community that will foster the spirit of giving back. Knowing the particular type and location of their specific tree will also allow our clients to maintain a personal connection with the gift for many years to come.

CT: Would you encourage other businesses looking for creative ways to recognize or thank staff, clients or other special individuals to partner with Casey Trees?

SA: Absolutely. We would encourage businesses and individuals to support and partner with Casey Trees in whichever capacity they are able. Everyone benefits from the positive work they do. 

We thank Stoiber and Associates for taking creative advantage of our giving opportunities! If you represent an organization, company or corporation and are interested in learning more about a potential partnership, please contact our development department at