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Donor Spotlight: Emily and Stacy Cloyd

Emily and Stacy Cloyd have been dedicated Members since 2014. You might recognize them from Member events and the Canopy Awards!

Find out what brought them to Casey Trees and what their favorite parts or Membership are! 

Casey Trees: What attracted you to Casey Trees?

Emily and Stacy Cloyd: Emily is a botanist who worked as a Girl Scout camp naturalist during much of college and still loves identifying trees as she walks through the woods and around the city. In 2004, while at a professional society conference, she heard a talk about disparities in tree cover in various neighborhoods in DC measured by students at Howard University. When she moved to DC a few years later and Stacy told her about Casey Trees mission, she thought back to that talk and knew that she wanted to support Casey Trees important work in the city.

CT: In your opinion, what is the most important work that Casey Trees does?

ESC: Empowering citizens to plant and care for trees and advocate for the urban tree canopy.

CT: What motivates you to donate to Casey Trees?

ESC: We love trees! (and all of the benefits that come with them – shade, aesthetic appeal, reduce air pollution, water and soil conservation, reducing urban heat island effect, etc.)

CT: What would you tell someone who is thinking about donating to Casey Trees?

ESC: Yes!

CT: What is your favorite part about Membership?

ESC: Knowing that we’re helping increase and improve the urban tree canopy (also, we love the fall membership reception and the Treeathlon)!

By becoming a Member, you will receive incredible benefits like an invitation to our Member Appreciation Reception as well as priority registration to other events, classes and more!

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