Blog Post By Italia Peretti

Forest Bathing

After last week of eating, traveling, in-laws and eating some more we all could use a nice way to de-stress and relax. We recommend trying something new — forest bathing. While this sounds like a walk through a forest wearing just a bathing suit, we promise wearing jeans, sweaters and jackets are the norm.

Forest bathing, or Shinrin-yoku is a has become a growing Japanese de-stressing, relaxation and recreation activity. It has been proven to lower stress and blood pressure levels. To “bathe” yourself in the forest is to use all your senses — surrounding yourself with the smells, sounds, textures and colors of nature. Even if you can’t get to “forest” go to your local park, walking-trail or even backyard and enjoy what nature can do for you!

This article from Psychology Today outlines further instructions on how to “bathe”. However, we don’t think there is any wrong way to get into nature! So leave your phones and electronics at home and let nature recharge and rejuvenate you this holiday season!

Does forest bathing sound like your ideal way to kickoff 2016 and stay centered? Stay tuned because our inaugural forest bathing activity will be announced shortly. Continue to check our events calendar for when and where.


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