Blog Post By Casey Manning

August is Tree Check Month

“A 10-minute walk could save your trees.” This is the message of August’s Tree Check Month, the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) initiative to remind everyone to check their trees for the damaging invasive Asian Longhorned Beetle. Asian Longhorned Beetles are especially active in August, making it easier to spot signs of the beetle.

Indicators to look for:

-Dime-sized exit holes
-Shallow bark scars
-Sawdust-like debris on the ground surrounding the tree
-Dead branches
-The beetle itself

Though the Asian Longhorned Beetle has yet to be spotted in D.C., regularly examining your trees can help you know what to look for when identifying potentially destructive species in or around your trees. For more information and photos of what to look for, visit the Tree Check Month website.

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Photo courtesy of the USDA.

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