Blog Post By Casey Manning

You like us, you really like us!

For the second year in a row, D.C. voted and named us one of the best nonprofits in the Washington City Paper’s 2015 Reader Poll. As you know, there are a lot of amazing nonprofits in D.C., so coming in second place — well, it’s pretty huge.

And we thank you!

We ask you to do a lot. We ask you to volunteer with us on Saturday mornings. We ask you to water your trees when it’s hot and dry. We ask you to support our work by becoming a Member. So we appreciate the fact that you took time out of your day to do one more thing for us and cast a vote for Casey Trees.

Now why is this  important? Being named one of the best nonprofits attracts new folks to Casey Trees and reminds those already aware of us to get more involved.

When people read the list of winners, they get curious about Casey Trees and then go check us out online. Their question of “who is Casey Trees” is quickly answered and all of a sudden they are signing up for a class, making a pledge to protect trees, becoming a Member, volunteering at planting events and using our Tree Rebate to add trees to their property. They get hooked on Casey Trees — and we love it.

Getting new people involved and re-engaging old friends is critical for us to help the District to reach its 40 percent canopy goal by 2032. How else will we collectively be able to plant the 300,000 trees needed to reach that goal?

Earning this designation is also a big high five to the entire Casey Trees family. Casey Trees is made up of 35 full-time staff, numerous part time and seasonal staff and indispensable interns — and thousands of volunteers. We are able to receive this honor because of the invaluable contributions of each one of these great and generous people — and it’s nice to be recognized for that.

Thank you again for your vote. We hope that you see our success as your success and we can’t wait to go for another honor in 2016.

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