Blog Post By Casey Manning

Tree care tips for spring

Late to the party this year but always welcome, spring has finally arrived! But what does that mean for tree care?

  • Time to start watering: As the weather begins getting warmer, you aren’t the only one who needs to bump up the fluid intake. Newly planted trees require 25 gallons of water — roughly 1.5 inches of rainfall — a week to flourish. If rainfall doesn’t equal or exceed 1.5 inches during a week, it’s time to water. Installing a slow-release watering bag makes it easy – just fill with a hose and let the bag do the rest.
    • Need a slow-release watering bag? Get yours for $15 per bag. Pick up only.
    • How will you know how much rain has fallen? Pledge to water your tree(s) and we’ll send you a complimentary rain gauge to track rainfall totals.
  • Be a weed warrior: Spring is also prime time for weeds. Be sure to keep the area around your tree’s trunk free of weeds and grasses so that it can drink up all of the nutrients it needs.
  • Mulch using the 3-3-3 Rule: Avoid volcano mulching by maintaining a three-foot ring around the tree, three-inches high, with a three-inch space around the trunk.
  • Add trunk guards: Trees need protection from overzealous lawn equipment.Installing trunk guards can protect the tree’s main nutrient systems from being severed or damaged.
    •  Need a tree trunk guard? Get yours for $3 per trunk guard. Delivery available.

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