Thank you for considering joining the Casey Trees membership program! All donors who give at least $50 in a year are automatically members. Join today and know that the money you give goes directly towards planting and protecting trees in our communities, making DC a more livable place for us all. Our membership program is designed so that all donations are completely tax-deductible, with no expensive premiums that take away from your donation being spent on tree planting, care, and advocacy in the District. Together, we can restore, enhance and protect the City of Trees. You can give on a monthly or annual basis. You can even give the gift of membership to a friend or loved one.

Membership Benefits Include:

Boss Shepherd Society


Known as the “Father of Modern Washington,” Alexander Robey “Boss” Shepherd was an influential civic leader in Washington, D.C.’s history. As Governor of the District of Columbia from 1873 to 1874, Shepherd oversaw the planting of more than 60,000 trees across the District. With his vision, he pioneered the city’s significant increase in green space, earning it the nickname the “City of Trees.”

Members of the Boss Shepherd Society lead the way in strengthening the green legacy of our nation’s capital and its surrounding counties, ensuring that Washington, D.C. remains the “City of Trees” going forward.

If you have any questions about giving, please contact the Development department at 202.833.9125.