Our classes and workshops are designed to help you start rejuvenating Washington D.C.’s urban forest through maintenance, advocacy and planting. Most of our training workshops are seasonal. For example, our pruning workshop is usually offered in January when there are fewer leaves on the trees, and our planting workshops are offered in early spring and fall to prepare for the planting seasons. Sign up for our weekly newsletter The Leaflet to know when to register.

Class and Workshop Descriptions

Tree Pruning Workshop: Join us to learn the fundamentals of tree pruning and methods to encourage healthy tree structure. Trees with good structure are more resistant to storms and other natural forces. This workshop is Offered once in January.

Tree Planting Workshop: Learn how to prepare a tree planting site and properly plant the tree to ensure its survival as well as the techniques critical to maintaining tree health. Attending this class is the first step in becoming a Team Leader and will equip you with the skills needed to lead others in planting trees at future events. This workshop is offered twice a year in March and October.

Tree Advocacy Workshop: Stand up for Trees is an interactive advocacy workshop that will prepare you to navigate the city’s unique political geography to help increase tree canopy in your neighborhood and across the city. Offered once a year in June.

Trees 101: Trees 101 provides a foundation in tree anatomy, basic tree identification and an overview of how trees function to provide the benefits we enjoy in the urban forest. This class is offered twice a year in January and September.

Trees 201: This class will equip you with the tools to begin identifying trees found in Washington D.C. You can put these newly learned skills to use at tree inventories. Offered twice a year in April and September.

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