Public Comments

Our comments, recommendations, and analysis in our review of new plans and policies from developers and the District.

Help Keep Environmental Education Funded

It’s budget season people! We need you to tell our elected officials to continue to fund environmental literacy programs in the 2020 Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) …


Take Action for a Brilliant, #ResilientDC

Climate change is projected to cause heavier rain events and hotter, longer summers in Washington, D.C. As our city implements the forward-thinking Sustainable DC and Climate Ready DC plans, Mayor …


St. Paul’s Townhomes Development Win

In order to help the District reach its 40 percent tree canopy goal by 2032 – a challenge given the increasing pace of development in the nation’s capital – Casey …


Cleveland Park Streetscape Improvement Project

Remember the rainy day in 2016 that turned the Cleveland Park metro station into a cascading waterfall? Years before that watery commute, DDOT was analyzing nearby Connecticut Avenue for its …


Help Shape the Future of Our Trees with Sustainable DC 2.0

Next year, our city’s Sustainable DC plan turns 5. To reflect changes in city policies and programs since the plan was first released, the Department of Energy and Environment is …