Pruning Corps Pilot Program

Do you want to help improve the health of our urban forest? Apply to join the pruning corps to help our street trees live longer!

Washington D.C. has made increasing the tree canopy a top priority and planted tens of thousands of trees over the last few years. These street trees are now at a development stage where pruning will prevent many pervasive urban tree problems such as storm damage, disease, and vehicle damage. There is limited funding for tree maintenance but significant need so the pruning corps will have an important role in helping to increase the lifespan of our street trees.

As a pruning corps member you will have the opportunity to learn effective pruning skills from the Urban Forestry Administration and Casey Trees arborists and advance your pruning skills during regular pruning events throughout the city.

Pruning corps volunteers will go through the following training:

  • One pruning corps workshop
  • Two field sessions
  • Pass a technical skills evaluation
  • Five additional pruning instruction events

Total: Eight pruning trainings totaling 17 hours in first year

The classroom training will cover proper pruning techniques and approach, components of strong tree structure, structural pruning, and safety considerations. We will also discuss how to be an ambassador for Casey Trees and the Urban Forest Administration while pruning street trees.

The field training sessions will give the pruning corps trainee hands-on pruning practice under instruction of arborists.

Pruning corps volunteers will have a key role in protecting, enhancing and restoring the tree canopy of our nation’s capital.

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