Pledge how you #WeAllPlayAPart and help change our city and lives.


Pledge to Play A Part and help change our city and lives.

This year we decided to bring more people, organizations, nonprofits and local businesses together for our annual fundraiser – the Canopy Awards. More than just raising funds for our projects we want to highlight how we are all interconnected.

A healthy, robust tree canopy captures and filters rainwater before it enters the drainage system, reducing polluting overflows into the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers and increasing our city’s resilience to the effects of climate change. Rivers provide a steady source of water for trees to grow and stay healthy. Sustainable, resilient cities are built on the mutually beneficial relationship between rivers and trees. Roots to Rivers is our chance to amplify and accelerate our collective efforts.

To help do this we want to maximize our efforts – that is where you come in. Together, let’s highlight how we help our city. From recycling to educations, to trash collections, to composting, to tree planting #WeAllPlayAPart.

Take a look below and see how you can Play A Part:

So how do we play a part?

We are lucky to work with incredible partners, volunteers, and friends to help us in so many different ways. Here is one way we are working toward our collective goal! #WeAllPlayAPart

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