Casey Trees Farm Order Inquiry

Welcome to Casey Trees Farm's order inquiry form. Because there are many circumstances that affect our available inventory (season/weather, dig conditions, etc.), this form serves as an inquiry to ordering wholesale trees from our farm. We do our best to update this form with our available stock, and a Casey Trees Farm representative will be in touch with you soon after submitting this form to follow up on your order.
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You may add multiple inventory items to your order inquiry. Start typing a tree species name in the Inventory Item field below. You can add as many tree species/items to your inquiry as you like - just click the Add another item link to add another tree species/item.
Your Order Item

Type a tree species name to see available inventory at the Casey Trees Farm.


After submitting this form, you will receive a copy to the email address you provided and a Casey Trees Farm Representative will be in touch soon.

Vince's Notes: In comparing what our process might be to other local wholesale tree farms (Botanico, Hale & Hines, Ruppert, and Bremo) - all have inquiry forms that are open text requests that do not look up to actual inventory. They publish inventory on downloadable excel sheet, or on screen, and then customers make an order by calling, or requesting a quote like an open text email. 

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