January 17, 2023 /
Christina Hester

Urban Trees 101

Have you ever wanted to learn about the process arborists go through to decide what type of tree should be planted in a certain location? Since 2002, Casey Trees has worked to restore, enhance, and protect the tree canopy of the nation’s capital. In efforts to expand our reach, Casey Trees is partnering with the City of Hyattsville to bring you Urban Trees 101, a virtual discussion on the importance of trees in our city spaces.

Today we strive to build on the green foundation that our founders left and work to ensure that trees remain part of residents’ everyday life. We are driven by trees and people. When you support Casey Trees, you join a community of people dedicated to protecting our urban forest and creating a more climate resilient city.

Join Casey Trees and the City of Hyattsville at Urban Trees 101 and you will learn about:

  • Casey Trees/City of Hyattsville programs and volunteer opportunities
  • D.C.’s urban forest in our changing cityscape
  • How arborists choose the “right tree, for the right place.”
  • Environmental benefits provided by trees
  • How you can best connect and care for your trees

What can you do to better your neighborhood, city, and world in this upcoming decade? We will explore how you can leave a lasting, positive impact on our urban forest by not only planting trees but caring/maintaining them, the importance of greening our city, and highlighting urban trees in a new light. Be a part of our continuing legacy as the City of Trees.

This is the first in a series of programs with Casey Trees and the City of Hyattsville in 2023. Future program dates will be announced soon.

*We will be highlighting some parks in Hyattsville, but anyone is welcome to attend and learn more about urban trees!